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2023 bbcon and aasp Summit Resources

Bill presented at both the Association of Advancement Services Professionals and Blackbaud conferences in September and October 2023 on name formats and addressees and salutations to address changing cultural norms and expectations for communications, reports, and lists.  Here are the resources he promised to share.

  • aasp Summit conference presentation not specific to any database and with an emphasis on DEI DOWNLOAD
  • bbcon presentation specific to Raiser’s Edge DOWNLOAD
  • Sample Policy and Procedure documentation for name formats DOWNLOAD

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May 2021 re: final follow-up from the Security webinar series and update on the move from to Blackbaud ID/
September 2021 re: the role and responsibility of a database manager and preparing for bbcon
January 2022 re: learnings from the past month on preparing for the removal of Microsoft applications from Blackbaud hosting
April 2022 re: recommendations for attendance at upcoming Blackbaud events

[There have been no recent issues due to Bill’s busy professional and personal lives over the past year, but new issues will be forthcoming.]

Raiser’s Edge NXT

  • Why Fundraisers Want Raiser’s Edge NXT DOWNLOAD
  • Raiser’s Edge NXT – Moving to and Mastering the Next Generation of RE (bbcon presentation slides) DOWNLOAD
  • Raiser’s Edge NXT Pricing – To Delete or Not Delete Constituents DOWNLOAD
  • Raiser’s Edge NXT: What’s Called What? DOWNLOAD
  • Why Database Managers Should Use Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT Web View (bbcon 2021 presentation slides) DOWNLOAD

Non-Technical Resources for Fundraising Managers and Leaders

In addition to chapter 8 of Bill’s book about Raiser’s Edge:

  • Bill’s bbcon 2022 presentation on Mastering Fundraising in RE NXT: watch it on YouTube and get the slides with additional material not covered in the presentation DOWNLOAD
  • The interview of Bill on Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership podcast on the “Three Technology Traps All Nonprofit Leaders Must Avoid”
  • Reports from Raiser’s Edge for a New Head of Fundraising DOWNLOAD

Role of the Database Manager

In addition to chapter 8 of Bill’s book about Raiser’s Edge (pages 203-216):

  • Managing the “Manager” Part of Database Manager in the Fundraising Profession Today (bbcon 2019 presentation slides) DOWNLOAD
  • Why Database Managers Should Use Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT Web View (bbcon 2021 presentation slides) DOWNLOAD

Raiser’s Edge Security

In addition to chapter 8 of Bill’s book about Raiser’s Edge (pages 208-210):

Bill presented a free webinar series in partnership with Blackbaud in March and April 2021 on Security in Raiser’s Edge. The recordings are no longer available, but the other resources from the series are below.

Resources from webinar 1, Creating a Culture of Security, on March 23, 2021, with Ashley Wyand from Blackbaud’s cybersecurity team:

  • Raiser’s Edge NXT: What’s Called What? DOWNLOAD
  • Adding and Inactivating Users in Raiser’s Edge NXT DOWNLOAD
  • Bill’s slides from the presentation DOWNLOAD

New resources from webinar 2, Understanding Security in Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge, on March 30, 2021:

  • Bill’s slides from the presentation DOWNLOAD
  • This presentation discussed a move then in progress from what it called “Not Azure” and “Blackbaud Hosting Services” (with database view login directly from to Blackbaud ID (with database view only available through the web view). In December 2021 that process was completed, so all access to the database view must be through using Blackbaud ID where multi-factor authentication must now be used. no longer functions.  The term “Blackbaud Hosting Services” is today being used more broadly to refer to all the Blackbaud environments where RE is hosted: Azure, Boston, Vancouver, etc. Otherwise, the content of this presentation is still accurate and applicable.

New resources from webinar 3, Deep Dive into Raiser’s Edge Security Options, on April 6, 2021:

Policy and Procedure Documentation

In addition to chapter 8 of Bill’s book about Raiser’s Edge (pages 211-215):

  • Blackbaud Conference presentation available on YouTube
  • Policy and Procedure Documentation (bbcon presentation slides) DOWNLOAD
  • Documentation Example 1 — Process for Generating Direct Mail Files DOWNLOAD
  • Documentation Example 2 — Annual Report Process DOWNLOAD
  • And see Chapter 8 and Appendix C of Bill’s book on Raiser’s Edge

Constituent Codes

In addition to chapter 2 of Bill’s book about Raiser’s Edge (pages 37-40):

  • Best Practices in the Use of Constituent Codes (Blackbaud K12 Conference 2019 presentation slides) DOWNLOAD
  • “Former” Constituent Codes? (post to fundsvcs) DOWNLOAD

Removal of Microsoft Applications from Blackbaud Hosting

In December 2021, Blackbaud announced they would be removing Microsoft applications like Word and Excel from the Blackbaud hosting environments on February 28, 2022. Bill has prepared his perspectives and recommendations on this change in a question-and-answer format to help with this transition. You can find that information here.

Also see the January 2022 newsletter on learnings from January on preparing for this change.

Other Topics (Gift Entry, Mailings, and Campaigns)

  • How Would You Enter THIS Gift? (slides from bbcon 2018 presentation about soft credits, DAFs, etc.) DOWNLOAD
  • Getting the Best Success with Mailings from RE (slides from bbcon presentation about Mail) DOWNLOAD
    • Also see chapter 4 of Bill’s book about Raiser’s Edge
  • Preparing Raiser’s Edge for a Capital Campaign – Gift Management DOWNLOAD

“Thanks for all the great help. It’s the missing piece to a puzzle and I’m excited to get working (with my new “smarts”) on the projects we’ve had on hold that will now benefit not only our organization but also our donors.

“Your training style was exactly what was need and you made everything clear and understandable.”

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