Fundraising with The Raiser’s Edge:
A Non-Technical Guide

Over 9,000 copies sold

If you’re a fundraiser for an organization that uses Raiser’s Edge software – whether it’s with a hospital, school, museum, or any other nonprofit – Fundraising with The Raiser’s Edge: A Non-Technical Guide explains this powerful tool in a non-technical manner so you and your organization can focus on raising money instead of fussing with data.

The first book to take fundraisers step-by-step through Blackbaud’s The Raiser’s Edge software, this hands-on guide addresses the critical elements you as a fundraiser need to know about making optimal use of it for your purposes and working with your database staff, including:

No-nonsense and completely focused on your fundraising needs, this plain-English guide offers specific and clear direction for putting this popular program to work for your organization’s unique needs.

This book was written for The Raiser’s Edge version 7. In 2015 Blackbaud released Raiser’s Edge NXT, the next generation of Raiser’s Edge, but the book is still as applicable as when it was written: RE NXT still uses the version 7 interface for much of its functionality (called “the database view”).  The concepts discussed in the book are almost all just as applicable to the setup and use of RE NXT as they are to RE v7.

“This is a really useful book. Bill Connors was a successful fundraiser before he became a fundraising software guru and you can see that from the way he writes this book. His enthusiasm for fundraising, and for The Raiser’s Edge’s role in supporting fundraisers, shines through on every page.”  — John Kelly, President, Brakeley Ltd. (London), International Fundraising Consultancy

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