Expert, Independent Consulting and Training

on Raiser's Edge NXT and version 7

Bill can help you evaluate, implement, learn, and get the most out of Raiser's Edge NXT and version 7. Services are offered remotely using Zoom in time blocks of whatever length is most convenient for you. Onsite options are also available.

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Raiser’s Edge NXT

Bill has worked extensively with the latest generation of Raiser’s Edge: Raiser’s Edge NXT. Bill can help you evaluate, implement, learn, and make the most of this exciting package of Blackbaud products and services.

Raiser’s Edge NXT is the name of the entire product, and Bill can help you with both the web view and the database view (formerly Raiser’s Edge version 7).

See Bill’s Presentation and Slides from the 2022 Blackbaud Conference

Blackbaud has generously provided Bill a copy of his bbcon 2022 presentation video, which Bill has posted to YouTube.  See Bill’s presentation on Mastering Fundraising with the Raiser’s Edge NXT Web View and get the slides here. It was one of the “Top Sessions Watched This Year” according to Blackbaud.

Three Technology Traps All Nonprofit Leaders Must Avoid

Listen to the host of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership podcast, Dr. Patton McDowell, as he interviews Bill on Bill’s recommendations for fundraising and nonprofit organization leaders, and those who aspire to be, on managing nonprofit technology from a management perspective.

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Meet Bill Connors

Bill Connors, CFRE is an independent consultant and trainer on the Blackbaud fundraising software Raiser’s Edge NXT and version 7.

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“Bill Connors has done wonders for our organization. Not only is Bill’s knowledge of RE incomparable, more importantly he understands the importance of making the software work for your organization rather than you working for the software.”

Head of Fundraising
Northern California Community College