“There is honestly nobody I can recommend more highly than Bill Connors. He took us from a clumsy system to Raiser’s Edge. It seemed like nothing less than a miracle that he was able to convert our data, which was admittedly a mess (!), into Raiser’s Edge, and give us a working system that we all love. He is a Raiser’s Edge EXPERT, in the truest sense of the word. He has deep knowledge of every aspect of RE.

“In addition to knowing the system inside and out, he is a great person. We all enjoyed working with him, and we miss him! Bill is also extremely organized – doesn’t waste a minute of your time and money. Our CFO – a very tough customer – felt completely at ease that we were getting more than our money’s worth from Bill.

“I’ve worked with many consultants over my years in Development, and Bill is by far the best I’ve ever encountered.

“You’re lucky to have found him, and you’ll be smart to hire him!”

Director of Development
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