Gift Processor (Part-time, Temporary, Remote) for LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired, San Francisco

Businesses, consultants, contractors, and individuals are invited to apply for this position should you or your firm provide these services in an interim capacity.

LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired in San Francisco, CA, is seeking an experienced candidate for a part-time, temporary, remote-based Raiser’s Edge gift processor to do:

• Daily gift entry
• Daily gift acknowledgment letters
• Daily updates to constituent records as needed (e.g., address changes)
• Work with Bill Connors, our Raiser’s Consultant in the review and documentation of these processes

The position is part-time, with the position expected to be needed for up to 20 hours per week. Candidates with flexibility to work more or fewer hours based on the quantity of work are preferred.

This position is temporary, with the position to start as soon as possible and expected to end April 1, 2022, although candidates with flexibility to work beyond that date if needed are preferred.

Businesses that provide interim database support are welcome to apply; consultants and contractors who provide this type of service are welcome to apply; and individuals who wish to “moonlight,” are between positions, are semi-retired, or otherwise are invited to apply. In all cases, however, a demonstrated availability and commitment through April 1, 2022, is expected.

Candidates can live anywhere in the United States and the position will work from home. Candidates should be able to provide their own computer and internet connection, both sufficient to support the assigned tasks. While most work can be done at the hours of the person’s choosing, some time during the Pacific Time Zone hours of 9 am to 5 pm will be needed to work with LightHouse staff and Bill Connors.

LightHouse uses Raiser’s Edge NXT. It is expected that most work, though perhaps not all, will be done in the RE NXT database view. Candidates are expected to have significant experience with gift entry and constituent record updating in the database view/RE 7 batch. Candidates with this knowledge but without RE NXT or RE NXT web view experience are fine as training will be provided, if needed, for RE NXT and the web view. However, preference will be given to candidates with more extensive RE abilities who can assist with cleanup and changes to records should that work be necessary.

The responsibilities of the job are doing the daily gift entry in batches, the information for which will be made available from PDF scans of the gift information as it arrives in the office; producing batch reports, saving them as PDFs, and emailing them to the LightHouse Development Director and Finance personnel; generating finished Word documents, ready for printing, of acknowledgement letters and their envelopes for these gifts (setup experience of Donor Acknowledgement Letters in Mail is not necessary, but experience running such letters is preferred); and making any constituent updates needed, including address and contact information updates during gift entry as well as any other constituent record updates that staff might send separately.

The current, retiring LightHouse database manager will provide the initial training and supervision of the position in January. After that, the position will work under the direction of the senior development staff person and Bill Connors, the LightHouse RE consultant. Bill will be working on a project to review RE policies and procedures at the LightHouse; make any needed recommendations; and document the policies and procedures in preparation for the new permanent database manager and gift processor expected to be hired in March 2022. This position will work with Bill as the review, changes, and documentation are produced.

Candidates will be asked to provide their rates for these services at the time of application. Currently there is no set rate for this position because it is open to businesses, consultants, contractors, and individuals, each of whom may have different types of compensation expectations.

Bill Connors is conducting this search on behalf of the LightHouse, although the position will be contracted directly between the LightHouse and the successful candidate. To get more information about this position or to apply, please contact Bill Connors at the contact form on his website to get his direct email address.

“Bill has the amazing ability to speak and teach Raiser’s Edge in a way that is understandable to the layman user. His skills as a consultant have been invaluable in getting our system up and running quickly and smoothly from the start. Without his expertise, I’m confident that months and months would have been lost.”

Sr. Director of Resource Development
Organization for Seniors in Pennsylvania

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